Does culture really matter? Are successful businesses intentional about the culture they create? Come listen to a successful entrepreneur who with two partners and $15,000 built a business they sold twenty years later for $1 Billion.

Charlotte Business Exchange is pleased to host a discussion facilitated by Randy Mitchell with Bill Higgs, Co-Founder of Mustang Engineering. Bill will share his insights and experiences about the importance of company culture and other aspects of business leadership. Bring your questions and join business owners and professionals for another engaging CBEX Speaker Series Event.

Bill Higgs is the author of Mustang, The Story, is a West Point Graduate, top 5% of his class, runner up for a Rhodes scholarship and anchored the Army soccer team’s defense through an undefeated season. He left the Army as a Captain after commanding a Combat Engineering Company. He founded Mustang in 1987 with two partners. Mustang was the fastest growing engineering firm in the USA per Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing companies in America. Mustang won the Innovate Houston Award for being the most “People Oriented” company in Houston. An Eagle Scout, Bill also has received the Silver Beaver and Distinguished Eagle awards for service. He received the ECC Lifetime Achievement Award for “Visionary Leadership in the Process Industries” And…he is passionate about people and teams!!

Randy Mitchell will lead the discussion and audience questions are expected! Randy is a full-time real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty and enjoys career coaching and facilitating group problem-solving.

This event is open to the public. To purchase tickets to the event please visit: Bill Higgs – CBEX

According to several scientific theories like this one, leadership traits come from a certain genes, but according to Bill Higgs, author of Mustang: The Story and co-founder of Mustang Engineering, those genes just gets you a “seat at the table”.  

Photo Cred - Center for Business Strategies

(Photo Cred. – Center for Business Strategies)

Higgs shared this concept while presenting at the The Center for Business Strategies Networking Breakfast Event earlier this week.  The Center for Business Strategies brings together business owners and entrepreneurs on a monthly basis to help them understand the true value of their business, and identify and take the steps necessary to become a high performing business, well-positioned for a strategic exit or transfer, now or in the future. And the first step to becoming a high performing business, is great leadership.

Higgs’ speech, “Are Leaders Born or Made”  revealed that the real work of becoming a great leader comes in as you are made into someone that others trust and respect to guide, not only the company in which you started, but also with the people you rely upon.

Higgs believes, “It is not all roses…there are thorns when working an organization. We always said ‘There is a little bit of Hell in every project. How you handle the Hell, or the thorns will determine how good the project will be.’ Taking care of people and projects needs to be the leader’s “Come from place” in order to create a culture that easily handles the thorns while enjoying the roses.”

Leaving with group with the message that great leaders are indeed made, he stressed that they must first establish a clear vision and values that are robustly and frequently communicated across the company. And as all good leaders eventually realize, the hardest part of their success is getting the organization to reflect that philosophy and drive.  But once they do, energy and enthusiasm is a force multiplier, and that will help lead an organization to success.

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Bill Higgs, founder of Mustang Engineering and author of Mustang: The Story is often asked, “How did three guys with no investors in the highly competitive energy business grow organizationally, build process and become leaders? How did you go from zero to 1 Billion dollars when other companies failed?  With a warm smile (often accompanied by a chuckle), he replies, “I’ll tell you how, when you read the book”.

There’s no doubt that the release of Mustang: The Story is highly anticipated. Although he won’t disclose all of his secrets until the book release, Higgs does reveal one key attribute in his keynote address “From Zero to 1 Billion: Creating a Win-Win Culture”.

In his address, he quotes that “energy and enthusiasm is a force multiplier” and on Tues night when Higgs presented at the MIT Enterprise Forum at Rice University, the energy and enthusiasm was palpable. With over 200 people in attendance, Higgs captivated the audience with his bellowing voice and enthusiastic demeanor.

BillHiggsRiceUniversityAn eruption of laughter briefly interrupted his smooth delivery when he adorned a dunce cap to illustrate that “all problems are communication problems”. He talked about silo busting as a way to break down communication barriers.

Throughout the address, Higgs demystified culture and clarified that you don’t have to work in the offshore energy business to understand that culture can create heroes. You don’t have to own a business or be a millionaire to appreciate the simple steps that can be used to create a unique teaming environment. You just have to watch Higgs deliver his keynote and you’ll understand.

The question you might be left pondering is, “How can I become a Mustanger too? To which he would reply, “You’ll have to read the book”.

Stay tuned …

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On December 2nd, Bill Higgs delivered his keynote address, “From Zero to $1 Billion: How to Create A “Win-Win” Culture” to a group of over 65 business executives at The 14th Annual Presidents’ Forum of Charlotte at the Employers Association.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.26.21 PM

Bill Higgs and Ken Samuelson of The Morehead Group

The Presidents’ Forum of Charlotte is TEI’s premier networking event held annually in 16 cities throughout the country. The event brings together CEO Network participants and Partners from various industries and disciplines to share knowledge, generate ideas and make valuable connections.

In his address, Higgs reveals the “5(Point Five) Steps to Creating a Win-Win Culture” with the ultimate goal to transform participants into what he calls, “Culture Merlins”. Participants also received “culture kits” with various items representing each of the 5.5 steps to creating a successful business culture.

Mustang, The Story "Culture Kits"

Mustang, The Story “Culture Kits”

Does your organization have a culture engineered for success? Contact Jeni Bukolt (mustangthestory @ to request Bill Higgs to speak to your group and help turn your team into Culture Merlins!

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When you think you are speaking clearly, your coworker might actually be thinking, “He’s not making any sense. What a dunce”. On the flip side when your co-worker responds to what you’ve just said,  you might be thinking to yourself, “He’s a real dunce and doesn’t understand what I said at all!”

“All Problems are Communication Problems.” – Bill Higgs

In order to create a win-win culture, you have to connect your employees, your clients and your vendors you by creating clear lines of communication. Creating clear lines of communications starts with providing a space for connections to happen. It starts with creating a win-win culture in your organization and this can be done in 5.5 Steps.

Bill Higgs Center for Business StrategyBill recently spoke to a group of Charlotte business owners at the Carolina Premier Bank, Center for Business Strategy networking breakfast where he optimistically transformed a few bankers into Culture Merlins through his “5.5 Steps to Creating a Win-Win Culture.”

Does your organization have a culture engineered for success?  Contact Jeni Bukolt  (mustangthestory @  to request Bill Higgs to speak to your group and help turn your team into Culture Merlins!

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