If life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it, then developing a winning mentality will be what sustains you through the ups and down of business ownership.

Bill Higgs, author of Mustang The Story, implores startups to see how “CANNOTS” can turn into “COULDS,” and finally into “CANS.” The entrepreneur will be inundated with voices that say, “You Cannot…”

New business ventures are rife with naysayers, and if you listened to each one of them, you’d never get your feet off the ground. Positive people with a “just-do-it mentality” face the ever-present challenges and rise above. Those same people dismiss sheer luck as the path to success, and rather focus on their unwavering dedication to creating their own luck to deliver their value proposition and move their industry forward.

Business Zone Editor Dan Martin asserts, “We get the results in life that we think we’ll get. Hence confidence is a crucial aspect in my opinion. The top performers have an inner confidence which allows them to make the moves which others would step back from.”

It’s that desire to push forward, despite the obstacles, that creates a winning mentality. It’s having faith in yourself and your abilities to assume that if you push hard enough, you’ll make it through. Does it also take a commitment to excellence and a willingness to continually hone your craft? Absolutely! But it equally requires an inner confidence and remaining calm under pressure to spur you onwards and upwards.

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