We’re talking about the blame game.

When the pressure increases due to an overload of work; processes, systems and people start to break down. If the team is not tight knit, the blame game starts in order to deflect criticism. Finger pointin

g at other people or groups is natural under stress. This tends to increase the demarcation of silos in the organization between sales, design, purchasing, fabrication, and company administration. This is a good time to remember the old adage that…

“When You Point At Someone As The Problem, There Are Three Fingers Pointing Back At You.”

The first of those fingers pointing at you is asking if you communicated well with the person or group. Did they understand the handoff and what they were supposed to do in terms of task, quality and schedule? Had you effectively broken the silo between yourselves to work as a team?

The second finger asks if you provided the right support in terms of tools, training, process and resources to accomplish what was needed. Where did things break down? Were there multiple checks where the failure could have been avoided? Success is a team effort, but so is failure. You can still succeed in the future if the team self-reflects and takes responsibility for the loopholes.

The third finger asks if there is a trust relationship between you and the person or group. If there is a foundation of trust, then you will be able to put the failure on the table and discuss how to improve going forward. It will not be personal…it will be an objective analysis of what happened and why and how to prevent it in the future. How can the team get it right every time going forward?

Build a team mentality where everyone wins and loses as a team. Break down the silos to eliminate an “us and them” mentality within the company. Stop the “blame game” whenever it pops up and turn it into a team building moment by getting everyone to focus on solving the problem permanently instead of building more walls that prevent open and effective communication.

And feel free to share this clip with your team as a gentle reminder! A visual always helps!  https://youtu.be/1kAvHXBI4DM