Engineers are focused on using their expertise to implement the latest and greatest technology for the most cost effective solution. They live for the challenge of developing a unique and beautiful solution…as viewed by other engineers. They want to “Get ‘er right” to their definition of right.

This Quixotic search for the perfect solution gave rise to the Dilbert™ cartoons that clearly depict how out of touch engineers can be from the real world. I’m a Professional Engineer and I chuckled when Purchasing would show me an engineering design made out of Unobtanium (Ub). Later construction wanted to know why the Unobtanium was late…causing cost-schedule-safety impacts.

UnobtaniumYou can “box-in” engineers to keep them on the cutting edge of technology and not allow them to take you to the “bleeding edge” where consequences are severe.

“Mustang the Story” shows how we understood that “Engineering is a necessary evil to get into purchasing and construction”. With go-bys, standards, a stage-gate process and construction focused work breakdown structure we were able to get engineering off of the critical path and delivered 30% reduction in schedules and costs repeatedly on first-of-a-kind world class projects. We show you how to motivate engineers to “Get ‘er done” because we know they will do it right.

Job-on-the-corner-of-the-desk” is part of the solution…it is the “shiny object” engineers cannot resist jumping toward.  

– Bill Higgs,
Co-Founder Mustang Engineering,
Author, Mustang The Story

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It’s not a typo, it’s a way of thinking! There are so many different ways to describe leveraging the strengths of those around you to build up the unit as a whole. To Mustang, it’s all about “Joined Up Thinking”, or JUT.

While competitiveness is ingrained in the human psyche, so too is cooperation. When company leaders value the latter more than the former, they begin to engage in JUT. Even the most competitive individual requires the support of others to succeed, so it is beneficial to everyone in your organization to adopt a JUT mentality.

Consider Computer Weekly Editor David Bicknell’s contention, “Collaboration will help us do more with less and lead to new growth opportunities to help companies differentiate themselves in difficult times, where the mindset is ‘work smarter, not harder’, and where work is something you do, not where you go. Collaborative tools can give that business advantage, unlock organization-wide and global intellect, and use that to foster the joined up thinking that will drive innovation.”

Company leadership is often operated under a “bunker mentality”, where each partner or manager has a business stream or department in which they are responsible. Bill Higgs refers to these as silos.

The natural inclination is for leaders to reinforce the walls of their own silo and build it up higher. In actuality, the goal should be to connect all the company’s silos using joined up thinking. To do this, Higgs strongly promoted the concept of “silo-busting.” The best way to start busting silos? Adopting joined up thinking, of course!

“The heads of the silos should talk and employ cross-fertilization to leverage their top resources in such a manner as to create a bigger pie…bonds then form between silos, learning from each others’ value propositions, understanding how links can be made to match clients’ needs, and demonstrating to management that this effort will create more opportunities and increase the bottom line.”

No matter the industry, consider of the organization you would rather be in: the one where each silo works unilaterally to accomplish their own goals or the one where they continually collaborate to achieve company-wide success? We know which one is more efficient, and we know you can achieve it through Joined Up Thinking!