How A Team Mentality Benefits Your Company

It’s not about sitting in a circle, singing kumbaya (though who are we to object, if that’s your thing).  Having a team mentality in the workforce is so much more than just a feel-good sentiment.  When you actually take the time and care to live it, the rewards are endless.  Here are the top five benefits of how a team mentality benefits your company:

  • Productivity – Two is better than one, and when those two, or more as the case may be, are working collaboratively together, they can get more done in less time. And therein lies the goal of all companies!  “As problems arise in one area, the entire team can deal with them and the work can proceed much faste

    Tee time…the ultimate morale booster!

    r,” says Houston Chron Contributor Lisa Magloff.

  • Morale – Working with one another fosters camaraderie and community, which is something we all strive to achieve in both home and work. “Working on a team gives employees a greater sense of belonging and of recognition, which helps them take more pride in their work, and their company,” adds Magloff.
  • Flexibility – When you’re flexible, you’re able to bust silos to work across traditional lines of employment. Imagine if your sales department worked concurrently with your business development department, how much more effective would you be in executing your growth strategy?  In Mustang’s early days, they had no titles on business cards and everyone was accessible to one another without fanfare.  Flexibility is getting over, or bypassing altogether, the barriers that promote feelings of isolation or inadequacy.
  • Communication – Having frequent and seamless communication among team members enables the utilization of collective resources that might otherwise not be recognized. It’s understanding different points of view to bring insight into a project that might otherwise not be sourced.
  • Risk Taking – The greater the risk, the greater the reward, and there’s nothing like the expertise of an entire team weighing in to support the conclusion that a risk is indeed prudent.

A strong team mentality entails a workforce that has autonomy and consequently, accountability for their work.  Their reliance on one another to come to an outcome that is worthy of praise is equally motivating and satisfying, so it’s no wonder more and more companies are getting on this bandwagon.  Are you?






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