It’s inevitable in any company that the torch must eventually be passed to the next generation so the legacy of their predecessors can continue. It’s for this reason that it’s critical for management to prioritize the hiring and mentorship of “Young Guns” – the term Mustang used to refer to the new recruits in their mentorship program.

So how does a company foster that next generation?  Consider the following:

Empower Innovation – Be open to the ideas of those around you, no matter how far down on the totem pole or how different the person may be coming up with them.  Often times, those pitches are incredibly innov

ative because they don’t have the luxury of resources and broad networks at their disposal. Let your younger generation find those out-of-the-box solutions to your problems because they aren’t stuck in old ways of thinking.


Encourage ExpressionAs innovation requires resourcefulness, receptiveness is the way in which company leadership responds to those ideas. Encourage your “Young Guns” to speak what’s on their mind by establishing an accepting and collaborative environment.  It’s not so much that all those ideas will be implemented, but more so that Young Guns feel heard and valued simply for speaking up.


 Leverage Strengths – “Young Guns” are technologically savvy and are intrinsically comfortable with a multitude of platforms.  Consequently, they’re easily motivated to learn “the next big thing”, or really whatever program would streamline their work.  And therein lies another strength – because they so strongly believe in the value of work/life balance, efficiency is king, and efficiency equates to productivity!

Entrepreneur Contributor Marty Fukuda states, “No organization can have too many qualified leaders, and you can never know when you’ll need to replace, add or promote someone. The organizations that are intentional about the development of their next generation leaders will be prepared for anything.”

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