Using the “Best Players Play” Philosophy

bestplayersIt works for the NFL, the NBA, the NCAA…the best player plays! Sure, there’s a lot of strategy going on behind the scenes to pull off a team win, but utilizing your strongest players is a sure-fire way to up your odds. It’s ironic then that the same philosophy isn’t universally applied to the business world.

In the workplace, all too often, companies don’t employ “the best player plays” approach. They become too focused on closing the deal or making the sale and not on the client’s needs. By putting the client’s needs first, you build trust and relationships that will pay back ten-fold.

Mustang co-founder Bill Higgs recalls, “[Our project managers] were free to sit on the same side of the table with the client and figure out the absolute best way to deliver the project in the current industry reality. Sometimes this meant that we gave some of our scope to vendors or competitors that had a very efficient solution. At other times it meant that we put an engineer or designer into a vendor shop to help them get their product done on time. The client was involved in these decisions as we worked a “best player plays” mentality along with an open-minded project execution philosophy.”

Using this approach to business inadvertently fosters trust with the clients, as well as a particularly supportive culture. People are more inclined to volunteer someone else perhaps better suited to the project’s needs. Moreover, they’re more willing to take themselves off a project if they feel comfortable that they could reasonably shift to something else.

“Mustang’s focus was on delivering quality projects in the best possible manner for the client, accepting the internal juggling act to move employees to billable hours elsewhere internally, “ said Higgs.

Encouraging your company to have their best players play doesn’t have to come at the expense of some, but rather the success of all.

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