On The Road Again: Bill Higgs Speaks at Texas A&M

Team Mustang was back on the road again, this week at Texas A&M University for The Instrumentation and Automation Symposium for the Process Industries. This conference, in its 72nd year, strives to educate professionals and students in the instrumentation industry. At the symposium, practical technical papers as well as vendor exhibits are presented with a focus on education.

Putting his stamp on the symposium’s discussions, and dovetailing to a recent blog post Bill Higgs presented to attendees on the notion of whether leaders are born versus made. He referenced his four years as a West Point cadet, where he learned that in reality, a leader is 1/3 born and 2/3 made.

His presentation outlined his “Leadership How-Tos” some of what included the following:

  1. Vision and values – Engage your whole team and figure out what you want to accomplish together. Recognize that all problems are communication problems and agreeing to your vision and values is the top level of communication. This is the start of a win-win culture.
  2. Planning for Tasks and dollars – Plan the work and work the plan! Utilize a SWOT analysis and determine the critical areas on your project space. Then develop an Income and Expense Plan to update consistently so that leaders can be familiar with their objectives and work diligently to deliver results.
  3. Working the organization – Cross-training is the key here — making sure that anyone on the project can pick up a task if someone needs to bail. Leaders must push for cross-fertilization between groups and emphasize being “other-oriented” (read: how one’s activity helps or hinders others for the betterment of the team).

Ultimately, a leader’s ability to create a culture that can easily handle the thorns of any project while enjoying the roses is the key to their success. Energy and enthusiasm is a force multiplier that starts at the top!

bill higgsFor more leadership tips and details on creating culture in one’s company, Bill followed up his speech by signing copies of his new book, Mustang The Story, at the A&M campus bookstore. Click here to order your own copy!


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