Deciding to start a business can be one of the most exhilarating decisions you make in your life, but it is most certainly not for the faint at heart. There are always those that don’t share your vision, and maybe some that don’t want you to succeed. To be successful, you have to keep beating the drum.

DrumEntrepreneurs who have an unparalleled commitment, tenacity and work ethic are ultimately profitable. As Mustang Co-Founder, Bill Higgs, says “it takes constant effort to get your vision and values to permeate throughout your organization top to bottom…we kept beating the drum for our vision of moving an industry to take care of people as well as projects.”

Each day presents a new problem to solve, a new process to streamline. And while there are times to look at the endeavor holistically, more often than not, just taking things day-by-day is what keeps you moving forward. There are virtually no [successful] business owners that end the day thinking, “I’m done. I did everything I sought out to do.” Because with each accomplishment, comes a renewed vigor to tackle the next hurdle even better than the last.

Entrepreneur Contributor, Stevel Tobak states, “Make no mistake, successful companies have no endpoint. That’s right, they don’t. The goal is to keep overcoming obstacles, growing sales, and making money, ad infinitum…Having the vision to see what others don’t, the passion to motivate yourself and others, the savvy to build and grow a business, and the guts to make good decisions, are all part of the mix. But what binds those ingredients together is the tenacity to stick with it, day in, day out, year after year.”

While passion is the initial driver for entrepreneurs, it takes consistent beating of the drum to get that passion to permeate throughout the organization. Consistent messaging, taking care of people and focusing on projects will help drive that home.

It’s the accompanying strategy and logistics that create a truly thriving business. But as Peter F. Drucker says, “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” so it’s equally important to invest in your culture. Having both and the will to continue beating the drum is what, ultimately, makes music that people will dance to.