As one of the founders of Mustang Engineering, I wrote this book on behalf of myself and co-founders Paul Redmon and Felix Covington to show why and how we started the company. We view this book as a proposal to the world on how to treat people, take care of business and make heroes. As the history of Mustang unfolds, we show how our concept of being caretakers rather than owners facilitated the development of a strong culture that set the organization up to overachieve.

Through the book, you’ll see how we personally reacted to situations and what we perceived were the drivers for actions. You’ll discover failures as well as successes and see how these experiences shaped our decision-making and risk tolerance as we grew and transitioned through various phases of company growth. Key themes have to come through that are applicable to; startup businesses, project people (everything is a project in business), workers, leaders, managers and CEOs of any size business or organization.

Some Key Themes:

  • We took care of each other no matter what happened.
  • We put the Golden Rule into business practice. What a company does or makes is not as important as how it conducts business.
  • We learned better project management techniques and want to share them.
  • If you beat the drum long enough with a ”win-win” proposition, eventually people will dance to that drumbeat.
  • We learned how to build teams and a culture.
  • We grew slower than we could have in order to consistently deliver our value proposition.
  • We want people to start identifying with Mustang’s methods, such that while reading they feel that they can think and act like a Mustanger…and want to act on that thought!!

Take this journey with us and see how “CANNOTS” were turned into “COULDS” and finally into “CANS”. Come see how the same challenges you face in business were addressed by people with a just-do-it mentality. Move from the feeling that this team was just “lucky” to understanding how their unwavering focus on delivering their value proposition created much of their own luck and moved an industry. As you become absorbed into the heroic win-win environment created by Mustang, your world of possibility will expand in figuring out how to take care of PEOPLE.